Heard of Binance?  While we are not Binance itself, we recognize BNB as their exclusive cryptocurrency.  BNB is number three in Market Cap world wide  and recently experienced a 1400% increase in value.  That's a lot of demand, growth, and speed, combined to bring you instant HODL and Electrifying power.  

We exploit the growth potential of BNB through technology, trading and the power of Electrification and the HODL process.  Our platform can grow your BNB faster than Market.


You can literally join here and Hold or HODL BNB and quite possibly amass a fortune through PIF'ing and complete passive accumulation.  When you PIF someone, you not only help them, more importantly, you help yourself, as the payouts go direct to your HODL Wallet.

Basically, that's how you deposit to "your" Wallet (by helping someone else via Paying them forward).  This puts money in your Wallet.  Show others how to do the same in our platform and benefit from exponential growth while passive members experience massive passive gains.


The Binance trading platform is the engine that fuels this huge market share and growth.  Not only are they a world wide powerhouse, they now offer support in the US.  It is one of the largest exchanges in the world and here to stay.

Fine Tuned 

Being one the largest and most respected exchanges in the world, Binance affords a well oiled and fine tuned operation second to none.  Precision matters.

Real Growth you can Trust

Over 1400% Growth in Recent Months

Just three easy steps to success...

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HODL - Fund Wallet 

Electrify - Share and HODL

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Multiply your payouts (in addition to and, Faster than Market Accumulation)

HODL for Passive Growth

HODL for Passive Growh - Share with others for Exponentiol Payouts.  Either way - YOU WIN!

Buy and sell

Fine Tune Your BNB Accumulation

Step 1                             

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Exponential speed and growth


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  • HODL


BNB is used as a base currency alternative on Binance to garner lower transaction fees for every trade instead of the higher BTC fees associated with most exchanges (more ROI for traders on every trade - more profits for passive HODLers as value grows).

  • SAFE


BNB Freedom is a platform that accumulates Binance Coin or BNB for short.  The only place to get Binance Coin is on their Multi Billion Trading Platform which has paid out literally Billions to it's members (we show you the easiest way inside).  BTW, YES... you can trade and accumulate more BNB there as well.  

We just feel we have a better way to amass a small to large fortune, Faster, right here.  We think you will agree.

Q. How many Levels, how many accounts?
A. Four levels as indicated by Groups (you are allowed one account only).

Q. How much?
A. The cost is $1 (one-time only), to participate (Blockchain miner fee is approx a little less than $1 and is added to absorb processing costs).

This is rebated back to members in the form of spillover, automatic advancement, and bonuses paid. So basically, you are right back to just $1 out of pocket!!!).

Also, by using the PIF Strategy - members save most of the Blockchain fees for each $1 (depositing enough to PIF 10 or more from the start or about $12).

Q. Refunds?
A. Absolutely NOT. Do Not Join if this is your intent. No Refunds. Period.

Q. How much can I earn?
A. Virtually unlimited, we do cap at just Over $2 million

Q. What is the Product?
A. Massive Instant Advertising in the member back office ($1 one-time out of pocket for this service). One heck of a value.

Q. Comp plan?
A. See Here starting with Phase 1 and ending with Phase 2.

Q. How and when am I paid?
A. Payments are sent instantly and automatically to your wallet of choice - min payout is $10).

Q. Exactly, what do I need to do?
A. Step 1 - Join | Step 2 - Activate with your $1 payment | Step 3 - Use our Exact Ad copy and promotional material to "Get The Word Out" to others "Before" they "Get The Word Out" to You and check your back office for commissions, spillover, and spillunder!!  

Next Generation Accummulation Crypto

Join FREE and simply HODL.  Enhance accumulation with ease...

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